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Birthday celebrations: onethreefourcreative turns one!🥳

15th October is an important date in the onethreefourcreative calendar 📅

chocolate muffin with number 1 candle lit
✨ 2 years ago today

15th October 2021: I was officially diagnosed with ADHD at the grand old age of 24!

✨ Exactly one year later (not intentionally either)

15th October 2022: I officially launched onethreefourcreative to the world! It was just a first draft, a first look into what I could do and honestly… it was shit, but it was a start at least… That lasted about three weeks before I pulled the website down again to rework it. 🙈

onethreefourcreative (2.0) was later launched again in early 2023 - which in all likelihood we’ll probably celebrate too! If it was good enough for the Queen to have two birthdays, we might as well do the same😂

We’re so thankful for all the opportunities we’ve received and for what we’ve been able to achieve in this last year!

So excited to see where we’ll be next October 15th🥰🤩


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