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May's Content Creation Calendar

Here are just a few of this months global and national holidays!

5th National Astronaut Day

6th The Kings Coronation

11th National Technology Day

13th The Eurovision Song Contest

17th World Stationery Day

19th National Pizza Party Day

21st World Meditation Day

23rd National Lucky Penny Day

30th National Creativity Day

Friday 5th:

National Astronaut Day

Saturday 6th:

The Kings Coronation

Thursday 11th:

National Technology Day

Saturday 13th:

The Eurovision Song Contest

Wednesday 17th:

World Stationery Day

Friday 19th:

National Pizza Party Day

Sunday 21st:

World Meditation Day

Tuesday 23rd:

National Lucky Penny Day

Tuesday 30th:

National Creativity Day


May has not one, not two BUT THREE Bank Holidays to look forward to!


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